Ep. #6973

Season 28, Episode 128 -  Air Date: 9/22/2000
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Nikki visits Brad to discuss ideas for the new product line. Nikki is surprised to see Ashley and asks Brad if she spent the night. Brad admits that Ashley stayed the night and Nikki wants to know if they discussed getting Brad a board seat at Jabot.Jill tells John that hiring Phyllis is a big mistake. In the board meeting, Ashley asks Jack to consider making Brad a board member. After Ashley convinces Jack that it‘s the right thing to do, John tells them that he‘s not sure he can vote for the motion.Chris and Paul wait for the results of the pregnancy test and they find out that Chris is not pregnant. Paul breaks the news to Mary. When Chris gets to the office, Michael senses something is wrong. After their meeting, Chris tells Michael that she isn‘t pregnant after all. Michael tells her to go home and they embrace.Phyllis tells Malcolm about her job offers and suggests that he join the digital realm. She wonders why Malcolm looks so sad and asks him about his personal life.Sid ap