Ep. #6972

Season 28, Episode 127 -  Air Date: 9/21/2000
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Victor calls the reproductive lab, demanding to know what happened to his deposits. Nikki calls the lab as well and learns that Victor has been inquiring about his sperm. Victoria goes to Victor‘s apartment and Diane tells her that she spoke to Victor.Leanna Love visits Diane and asks her if she is pregnant with Victor‘s child. Diane tells her ""no comment"", but later realizes Leanna could be an asset to her.Phyllis asks Michael to draw up a contract for her to take to Newman Enterprises, but Michael tells her that he can‘t. Phyllis assumes it‘s because of Chris and accuses him of being in love with Chris.Paul and Chris decide to go to the doctor instead of getting another home pregnancy test. Brad asks Ashley to move in with him. Olivia tells Dru that Reese has permitted her to return to work.When Olivia asks Dru if she plans to stay in Genoa City, Dru tells her that she‘s not sure what she‘s going to do. Sid tells Malcolm that he saw Dru‘s new ad and asks if Dru still has her fire