Ep. #6970

Season 28, Episode 125 -  Air Date: 9/19/2000
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Billy explains to Jack that Mac is upset with him because of the ""boyfriend"" role he‘s been playing with Brittany. Jack asks Billy if he and Brittany could have done anything that would have upset Mac.Billy calls Brittany and asks her what happened between them, but Brittany cuts him off saying that her mother is calling her and she has to go.Kay advises Mac to talk to Billy and ask him what really went on with Brittany.Nick advises Victoria not to get involved with Ryan because he doesn‘t trust Tricia. Ryan agrees to attend a therapy session with Tricia.Phyllis warns Michael that if he continues to give Chris a hard time, he will drive her away. Michael goes to Christine‘s office to apologize. Chris tells Michael that she understands how he would be upset. Chris and Paul announce Chris‘s pregnancy at Paul‘s birthday party.Mary faints and when she awakens she tells Chris that she has made her the happiest woman in the world.Nina admits that she is ashamed of the fact that she all