Ep. #6969

Season 28, Episode 124 -  Air Date: 9/18/2000
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Billy calls Mac and tells her he wants to come over. When Mac hangs up on him, a confused Billy goes to the Chancellor Estates.Esther answers the door and Mac asks Billy why he‘s there. Billy assumes Mac is upset because he didn‘t break up with Brittany when she asked him to drink again. Mac tells him that she doesn‘t care anymore and a puzzled Billy is escorted out by Kay. Kay asks Mac if she is absolutely sure that she saw Billy and Brittany making love.Ryan and Nick wonder how Victor will react when he finds out Victoria hired Phyllis. Victoria isn‘t worried, figuring Victor will be glad that they stole Phyllis from Jabot. Ryan leaves and Nick asks Victoria about her relationship with Ryan.Victoria explains that they have become closer because Ryan has helped her a lot. Nick makes it clear that he doesn‘t approve of Victoria moving in with Ryan.Phyllis tells Jack about Victoria‘s offer. Jack reminds Phyllis that she will be working for Victor Newman and if he decides to fire her