Ep. #6968

Season 28, Episode 123 -  Air Date: 9/15/2000
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Raul alludes to Billy‘s romantic night with Brittany, but Billy is perplexed by Raul‘s remarks. Kay asks Mac if it is possible that she misinterpreted Billy and Brittany‘s relationship. Mac tells Kay that she saw Mac and Billy together with her own eyes.When Malcolm tells Neil that Dru was fired, Neil wonders if Malcolm is worried that Dru will try to re-build her international modeling career.Jack meets with Phyllis to offer Phyllis the position at Jabot full-time. Phyllis plays dumb and tells Jack that she has no recollection of any job offer he made. She tells him that she is being sought out by another company and Jack cannot believe the amount of money the company is offering her. When Phyllis reveals the offer came from Victoria Newman, Jack is stunned.Victoria returns to her office to find Ryan and Nick discussing her visit with Gary Dawson. Victoria tells Ryan and Nick that she has hired a web producer.Nina runs from Tomas, but he follows her to the coffeehouse. Nina tells