Ep. #6967

Season 28, Episode 122 -  Air Date: 9/14/2000
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Phyllis agrees to have breakfast with Victoria. Victoria asks Phyllis about her working condition at Jabot and whether she‘s getting along with her employers. When Phyllis admits she‘s not under contract at Jabot, Victoria has a proposition for her. Phyllis senses Victoria wants something from her and asks Victoria who she really is.Chris checks the results of the home test and finds out she‘s pregnant. Paul is thrilled. They decide to spread the news at Paul‘s birthday party. When Chris arrives at work, Michael asks her if she‘s made a decision about the firm and Chris tells him that she‘s pregnant.Neil drops Lily off and asks Malcolm what Dru‘s future plans are. Malcolm insists he has no idea.Tomas tells Nina that her chapters are great, but the fourth chapter needs some work. When Tomas suggest Nina re-write the chapter, Nina becomes openly offended.