Ep. #6966

Season 28, Episode 121 -  Air Date: 9/13/2000
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Mamie tells Jack that Ashley didn‘t come home last night and Jack begins to worry. Jack praises Phyllis on a job well done. They both comment on the large amount of hits on the web site.Phyllis asks if she can have a full-time position at Jabot as director of Internet Marketing. Jack isn‘t sure Jabot has the budget for it. Phyllis runs the idea past Jill who has just arrived, but Jill thinks the idea is absurd and tells her to go back to New York.Nick visits Victoria at the office and they discuss ways to counter market the Glow by Jabot web site campaign. Victoria goes to Gina‘s to pick up her lost wallet. While at Gina‘s, Victoria overhears Phyllis discussing the Jabot web site on the phone with her agent. Victoria approaches Phyllis and questions her on her involvement with Jabot.Mary visits Paul to wish him a happy birthday. Chris arrives and reminds Mary of Paul‘s birthday party. Mary leaves and Chris takes the pregnancy test. She waits with Paul for the results.Ashley remembe