Ep. #6965

Season 28, Episode 120 -  Air Date: 9/12/2000
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While Mac cries in Kay‘s arms, Kay encourages her to tell her what‘s going on. Mac finally admits Billy had sex with another girl. Brittany leaves Billy asleep in the pool house. Brittany talks to Raul and Rianna, implying that she and Billy had sex.When Billy wakes, he asks Raul about Mac, but Raul tells him she‘s probably asleep.Nick asks Matt why he‘s working so late and Matt covers by saying he‘s cleaning up after a customer who spilled a smoothie as he was leaving. Nick and Sharon tell Matt that he‘s gone beyond the call of duty and they offer to close for the evening. Matt reluctantly agrees to leave, but worries that Warton will be caught hiding in the office. Warton slips out of the back door, just before Nick enters. When Nick finds the door open, he becomes concerned about Matt‘s carelessness.Marissa tells Diane that she saw Victoria leaving with suitcases. Diane rejoices upon hearing the news and calls Michael Baldwin over.Ashley asks Brad if he‘s still romantically invo