Ep. #6964

Season 28, Episode 119 -  Air Date: 9/11/2000
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Mac slowly enters the pool house and sees a seemingly naked Brittany and Billy snuggled under a blanket. Billy‘s face is hidden from Mac, but she hears cries of passion coming from Brittany. Brittany hears Mac at the door and keeps up her act. Mac stands at the door, stunned by what she sees. After she closes the door behind her, it becomes clear that Billy is actually sound asleep.Mac returns to the dining room and explains to Jack and Phyllis that she has the stomach flu and must go home immediately. When Mac arrives home, Kay senses Mac is upset.Victor calls Sharon‘s cellular phone and tells Nick that he‘s out of town for personal and business reasons. Nick tells Victor that he‘s on vacation with his family, but Victor hints to Nick that he wants him to return to Newman Enterprises.Matt tells Warton of his plans to have Nick incarcerated for dealing drugs in the coffeehouse. They go into Nick‘s office to check his account books, thinking they can use Nick‘s clients as a vehicle f