Ep. #6963

Season 28, Episode 118 -  Air Date: 9/7/2000
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Brad visits Nikki and asks her why she‘s still wearing Victor‘s wedding ring. Victor calls to tell Nikki he left town because he needed to clear his head and that Diane is pregnant with his child. When Nikki hangs up, Brad advises Nikki to take off the ring.Brittany puts sleeping pills in Billy‘s coffee and coaxes him into drinking it. After drinking the coffee, Billy gets drowsy and Brittany suggests they go to the pool house. She apologizes for asking him to drink champagne and tells him that she wants to be close to him. Brittany turns off the camera while Phyllis is watching. When Mac sees that something is wrong with the camera, Phyllis asks her to go check it out.Tricia goes to the coffeehouse and meets Matt Clark. Matt senses that Tricia doesn‘t like Sharon, but Tricia gives him little information and leaves.Cody has a family emergency and asks Matt to close the coffeehouse. Matt calls Warton to tell him that the fox has the keys to the hen house.Victoria asks Ryan if he‘s a