Ep. #6962

Season 28, Episode 117 -  Air Date: 9/6/2000
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Brittany tells Phyllis that she will use sleeping pills to get Billy to relax. Phyllis doesn‘t want to hear anymore and warns Brittany not to interfere with the success of the website. Mac scolds Billy for allowing Brittany to give him a sensual massage. She begins to think Billy doesn‘t want to break up with Brittany at all. Brittany, still laying the groundwork for her plan, tells Mac that she and Billy have been sleeping together all summer.Ashley and Nikki decide to bury the hatchet. Ashley didn‘t realize Victor was out of town and admits to Nikki that she wanted her relationship with Victor to work.Tricia wants to salvage what is left of her marriage with Ryan, but Ryan admits that he‘s confused and needs time to think.Victoria tells Neil that Tricia‘s return surprised Ryan and her, but she knows that Ryan has given up on Tricia for good. When Victoria asks Ryan out to dinner, he declines.Drucilla is pleased with the photos Malcolm shot of her and believes that these photos wi