Ep. #6961

Season 28, Episode 116 -  Air Date: 9/5/2000
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Billy explains to Brittany that he won‘t drink again because he made a promise to his family. Brittany tells Phyllis that her plan isn‘t working. Billy presses Rianna to admit her feelings for Raul.Paul guesses Chris is reluctant to take the pregnancy test because of their past disappointments. Before he leaves for an appointment, Paul tells Chris that they need to know and that he wants to be with her when she takes the test again.Tomas agrees to give Nina feedback on the book she‘s working on. Nina is reluctant, fearing it will take away from progress on his own book. Tomas admits to Nina that he isn‘t passionate about his work right now and would rather help her.Jack tells Nikki that her relationship with Victoria will improve in time, but Nikki isn‘t optimistic. Neil doesn‘t approve of Victoria moving in with Ryan and tells Ryan he‘s asking for trouble.Ryan tells Neil that he hasn‘t heard from his wife, so he‘s ready to move on.Victoria tells Tricia that she should think again