Ep. #6960

Season 28, Episode 115 -  Air Date: 9/1/2000
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Phyllis tells Brittany to devise a plan to get Billy to drink that isn‘t too obvious. Brittany admits she‘s not sure of the idea because of Billy‘s history with alcohol. Phyllis begins the last day of the website taping and Brittany makes sure she flirts overtly with Billy in front of Mac.Mac informs Billy that she told her grandmother about their relationship. When she tells Billy that Kay is handling everything with Amanda and Jill, Billy isn‘t as excited as Mac anticipated. He thinks they should hold off on telling everyone about their relationship.Ryan gives Victoria the key to his apartment and she leaves to pack her things. As she settles in, she assumes Ryan is knocking at the door, but instead finds Tricia at the door!Diane gloats to Nikki about how she‘s pregnant with Victor‘s child. Jack joins the women and Diane leaves after telling Jack the news. Jack and Nikki agree that Diane should be careful of what she asks for - having a child with Victor may come back to haunt her