Ep. #6959

Season 28, Episode 114 -  Air Date: 8/31/2000
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Victor calls Victoria and tells her that Diane should remain at the apartment until he returns to Genoa City. Victor doesn‘t give any details as to what is going on, but assures Victoria that he has his reasons.When Diane tells Victoria that she is having Victor‘s child, Victoria tells her that she‘s pathetic.In Billy‘s dream, Brittany tells him that she knows about his relationship with Mac and that Jill has done something horrible to Mac. Billy confides in Jack that he‘s worried that Brittany may know about his relationship with Mac.Brittany and Phyllis conspire on an idea to get Brittany and Billy together romantically so that Mac sees them on camera.Kay assures Mac that she will handle Jill. Mac also mentions that she and Billy have not been intimate and Kay wonders if Billy has pressured her about having sex.Mac reassures Kay that Billy respects her, but Kay asks Mac if she fears Billy might be getting sex from someone else. Mac recalls Brittany‘s implication that she and Bil