Ep. #6958

Season 28, Episode 113 -  Air Date: 8/30/2000
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Mac admits to Kay that she and Billy have been dating since the prom. Kay is outraged that Billy and Mac have had to sneak around because of Jill. She plans to deal with Jill when she returns from her business trip.Brittany tells J.T. that she plans to get the sweetest revenge on Mac and Billy during the sleep-over.Raul asks Billy if his relationship with Brittany is on the rocks. When Raul leaves, Billy wonders if Brittany is on to his relationship with Mac.Phyllis surprises Michael with dinner in his office. She presses him about his partnership with Chris and Michael tells her to back off. They begin to flirt and slip into a hot kiss.Diane tells Victoria that Victor is not in Genoa City, and that she is staying in the apartment until he tells her to leave.Neil tells Ryan that Victor left no itinerary, but left instructions for him to hold down the fort in his absence.Paul assumes that since Chris is a week late, she might be pregnant. Chris tells Paul that Michael agreed not t