Ep. #6957

Season 28, Episode 112 -  Air Date: 8/29/2000
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Brittany plants her seed for revenge by telling Mac that she‘s in a better mood because Billy doesn‘t just want sex from her. Mac asks Billy if he and Brittany are having sex. Billy assures Mac that he doesn‘t know what Brittany is talking about. Later, Brittany sees Billy and gives him a hot kiss in front of Mac. After Brittany leaves, Mac asks Billy to break up with Brittany ASAP.The hospital attendants restrain Victoria, but Gary encourages her to release her anger. He tells Victoria that she is not to blame for his sickness and apologizes for the hurt he‘s caused.Brad interrupts a heated discussion between Diane and Ashley. Diane tells Brad that she‘s pregnant with Victor‘s child. Ashley tries to play it cool, but when Diane leaves, Brad takes a sobbing Ashley in his arms.Nina arrives home a day early from Montana.Chris and Michael discuss their partnership, but Michael asks Chris to rethink starting a family just when their business is getting off of the ground.Nina stops