Ep. #6955

Season 28, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 8/25/2000
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Jack and Phyllis discuss ways to wrap up the Glow campaign for the summer and Phyllis suggests a 24-hour live feed over the last weekend.Jill and Jack both agree to the idea and Jack thanks Phyllis for her exceptional work with the website. Brittany gives Billy a huge kiss in front of everyone and on camera. She later admits to Phyllis that she doesn‘t know how long she can wear a smile when all she wants to do is throttle Billy and Mac.Brittany talks to Raul and asks if he thinks Mac will ever take him back. Raul doesn‘t want to discuss the situation and tells Brittany that Mac only wants to be friends. Phyllis tells Brittany that there may be a way she can get the payback she‘s been looking for.When Kay shows up to ask Mac what exciting news she wanted to tell her earlier, Mac covers and tells Kay that she found out she will be getting class credit for her production work on the campaign. Mac tells Billy that now may be a good time to run away.Olivia talks to Ashley about Neil‘s