Ep. #6954

Season 28, Episode 109 -  Air Date: 8/24/2000
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When Jill asks Brittany how her relationship with Billy is going, Brittany tells her that everything is fine. Phyllis asks Brittany why she didn‘t tell her the truth and Brittany admits that she‘s weighing her options, but she is going to make sure Billy and Mac pay. Phyllis encourages her not to tell Jill about Mac and Billy. Instead, Phyllis knows another way to make them sorry. Nikki visits Victor in his office and thanks him for letting her hand deliver the letter to Jabot.Victor tells Nikki that he will never understand some of the decisions she‘s made, but Nikki tells him that she‘s making choices for her life from now on. Victor remembers and recalls their intimate times together.Nikki leaves and Connie enters to discuss Victor‘s flight arrangements. She tells Victor that Wally and the plane are ready. Nick tells Victoria and Ryan that he went to see Gary.Victoria asks Ryan if he will accompany her to the hospital to visit Gary as well, thinking the visit will help her.Jill