Ep. #6953

Season 28, Episode 108 -  Air Date: 8/23/2000
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Ashley tells Victor that she now has restored faith in him and their relationship. She is stunned when Victor tells her that now that her family has ownership of Jabot, everything is finished - including their relationship.Diane attempts to call Victor, but is told that he is unable to accept her call because he‘s in a meeting with Ashley Abbott. Michael and Phyllis are having drinks when Diane interrupts Michael. Diane is in a fury because Victor ran into the arms of another woman after finding out he is the father of her child. She‘s ready to sue, but Michael tells Diane that he can‘t represent her.Mac is relieved that Jill is no longer on her back and tells Billy that Jill found her birth records, proving her true identity. Billy doesn‘t think they should celebrate too soon. Jill confronts Mac and asks her if Kay and Brock have spoken to her. When Mac confirms, Jill tells Mac that she‘s in deeper than she was before. Jill knows that Mac is terrified of her mother, but Mac denies i