Ep. #6952

Season 28, Episode 107 -  Air Date: 8/22/2000
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Billy and John are both glad to see Ashley in a better mood. John is relieved when he learns that Victor dropped the lawsuit. Ashley thinks Victor could be changing, but John tells her not to get her hopes up.Ashley goes to Victor‘s office to thank him. Victor forbids Diane from telling anyone about her pregnancy.Billy asks Raul if he‘s moving on with his life, but Raul tells Billy that he‘s still in love with Mac. Raul asks Billy why Brittany seems so sad, but Billy is clueless.J.T. insults Brittany at the coffeehouse and she slaps him. She apologizes to J.T. and becomes determined to get back at Mac and Billy for the hurt they caused her.Chris tells Paul that she and Michael had to work late on a case and that things are going well with them. Paul tells Chris that a pregnancy might worsen her relationship with Michael in the future. Chris tells Paul that her breasts feel tender and Paul tells her it might be because she‘s pregnant.Kay and Brock tell Mac about Jill‘s trip to St.