Ep. #6951

Season 28, Episode 106 -  Air Date: 8/21/2000
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Nikki goes to Victor‘s office to discuss the lawsuit. She tells Victor that Brad is not violating the non-compete clause in his contract. Victor thinks Jack put Nikki up to this, but Nikki insists that she came on her own. Nikki is concerned for Ashley and tells Victor that if he continues to manipulate Ashley, she may lose her baby.Jack tries to convince Ashley to take a leave of absence, but Ashley believes she can handle the stress of a lawsuit.Nikki arrives and hands Jack a document signed by Victor, saying that he is dropping all legal action against Jabot and Brad.Jill returns from St. Louis and admits she hired a private detective to find out if Mac is Brock‘s daughter. She says that she found Mac‘s birth records, which proved that Mac is really who she says she is.When Jill leaves the room, she listens, unseen, as Brock and Kay rejoice over this small victory for Mac.Brittany watches Billy and Mac as they kiss. She runs away when they move to the pool house. Billy gives Ma