Ep. #6950

Season 28, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 8/18/2000
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Mac, Billy and Raul discuss their plans for the evening. They decide on a movie and go to Brittany and Rianna with the idea, but Brittany wants to spend time with Billy alone and Rianna is going to try to find J.T. When Brittany goes to freshen up for Billy, J.T. finds her and shows her the tape of Mac and Billy at the prom. Devastated from what she sees, Brittany finds Billy and cancels plans with him. Billy is glad he can now spend time with Mac and they kiss as Brittany watches unseen.Jack, Nikki and Ashley discuss whether they should join forces with Brad or fight Victor on their own. When Jack sees how stressed Ashley is, he proposes she take temporary leave. Victor tells his lawyer that Jabot did not accept his proposal and he is continuing with the lawsuit. Nikki comes to his office to talk to him about the lawsuit and it‘s effects on Ashley.Over dinner, Phyllis tells Michael that he‘s always had feelings for Chris, but he tries to deny it. Michael finds the idea insane and ge