Ep. #6949

Season 28, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 8/17/2000
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Victoria comes to Victor‘s office to discuss business. She detects his unhappy mood and figures it has to do with Diane. Victor tells Victoria that Diane will do anything to get what she wants. Victoria offers to send her packing, but Victor insists he‘ll handle it himself. Victor calls the sperm bank to inquire about his sperm. He finds out that half of his sperm was ordered in April by his wife, Mrs. Victor Newman. One of the lab technicians foresees trouble and thinks there is something he can do.Jack warns Phyllis that he doesn‘t want the kids‘ lives dissected in the public. Phyllis insists that the kids‘ good looks will only go so far, the public wants drama.Mac tells Raul and Rianna that she doesn‘t trust Phyllis. Brittany admits she‘s in love with Billy and they kiss.Diane tells Michael that she is carrying Victor‘s child, but it‘s the worst thing she could‘ve done. Just as Jill moves to call Amanda, Jill and Brady receive Mac‘s birth records via fax. They find that Mac is