Ep. #6948

Season 28, Episode 103 -  Air Date: 8/16/2000
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Victor doesn‘t understand how the baby could be his since he hasn‘t had sex with Diane. Diane explains that she ran across a letter from the sperm bank and saw it as a chance for her to finally have his child. Victor tells her that she has broken the law and betrayed his trust by getting pregnant without his consent.Brittany becomes upset when she sees how Phyllis has uploaded clips of the fight she had with Billy. Rianna encourages Brittany not to worry because Billy really loves her. Mac tells Billy that she doesn‘t trust Phyllis and cannot risk being seen on the Internet by her mother. While watching clips of the girls preparing for the prom, Mac and Billy notice Mac‘s face in the background.Paul asks Kay and Brock why Mac doesn‘t want to reunite with her mother. Kay explains that Mac‘s step-father is an alcoholic and things must have been terrible for her to run away. Paul makes a call and finds out Jill has bought tickets to go to St. Louis. Paul arranges to have one of his men