Ep. #6947

Season 28, Episode 102 -  Air Date: 8/15/2000
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When Jack and Nikki break from their heated kiss, they pull themselves together and realize that now is the wrong time to get romantic. They agree to pursue their feelings once Jabot gets back on track. When Nikki and Jack discuss Diane‘s pregnancy, Jack reminds Nikki that Diane has always had her sights set on Victor, even when she was involved with other people.Nick and Sharon receive news that their Milwaukee establishment is booming and Nick is eager to open another store. They decide to travel for two weeks, one with the kids, and one week alone to find their next location.Warton is upset that Matt is getting close to Sharon. Matt assures Warton that it‘s all a part of his plan to take Nick down.Dru tells Malcolm that Neil insulted her by accusing her of only wanting to give him visitation options so that she can be alone with Malcolm. Malcolm insists Neil will soon get over his negative attitude.Dru kisses Malcolm and they make love. After Olivia gets Neil to admit he was too