Ep. #6946

Season 28, Episode 101 -  Air Date: 8/14/2000
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Victor is stunned when Ashley tells him that Jabot voted to keep Brad on. When Ashley says the deciding vote was hers, Victor is livid. He tells her that he went the extra mile for her, and she turned her back on it.Malcolm tells Dru that Lily will get used to their living arrangements in time. Dru goes to Neil‘s office to tell him she wants to discuss his visitation schedule with Lily. Neil insists Dru is dumping Lily on him so she can spend time with Malcolm. Dru tells him to go to hell and walks out on him.Warton approaches Sharon, but Matt intervenes on her behalf. Matt overhears Sharon and Cody discussing the success of the Milwaukee store, and the possibility of opening more stores. Matt asks her if she and Nick go out of town a lot.Ryan reveals the letter from Gary and reads it aloud. Victoria tells Ryan to burn the letter because her therapy is going well, and she‘s ready to continue the healing process.Jack, Brad and Nikki discuss Ashley‘s future with Victor. They agree th