Ep. #6944

Season 28, Episode 99 -  Air Date: 8/10/2000
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Nikki, Michael and Brad meet before the board meeting. Brad announces that he has decided to bow out of Jabot. Michael encourages him not to give in too soon. John, Ashley and Jack join them and Michael tells the group that the judge may rule in favor of Brad since he is not in direct contempt of his contract with Victor.Jack doesn‘t buy it and Ashley confesses to everyone that Victor is willing to put in writing that he will not sue Jabot if they fire Brad. John asks Brad and Michael to leave so that the board can vote. Jack and Jill vote in favor of his resignation and Nikki and John vote against it. All eyes turn to Ashley.Victoria eavesdrops as Victor advises Diane to tell the father about the baby as soon as possible. Ryan reads Gary‘s letter. In the letter, Gary says that he is no longer a threat to Victoria and asks if there is anything he can do to help her.Ryan calls Victoria‘s doctor and leaves a message. Later, Victoria asks Ryan what Tricia had to say in the letter. Befo