Ep. #6943

Season 28, Episode 98 -  Air Date: 8/9/2000
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Jill confronts Mac about the letter and tells her that tampering with someone else‘s mail is a federal offense. Upset, Mac begs Jill not to contact her mother. Jill thinks that Mac could be a fraud after all and anticipates learning the truth when she speaks to Mac‘s mother.Ryan and Victoria sit down for dinner and Victoria tells him about her therapy session. When Victoria goes to the kitchen, Ryan notices a letter from Gary. Victoria sees him looking at the letter and, assuming it‘s a letter from Tricia, leaves him alone to read it in private.Chris comes home moody after an encounter with Michael and Phyllis. Paul comforts her and tells her that the clinic called and said the test results came back normal; they just have to try a little harder.Malcolm tries to give Dru a kiss, but she rejects his advances fearing Lily will catch them. Dru tells him that she didn‘t realize how much she‘s hurt Lily and Neil. Malcolm insists that Lily and Neil will come around in due time.Neil compl