Ep. #6941

Season 28, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 8/7/2000
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Ashley reads Victor‘s letter, which makes it clear that he will sue Jabot unless they fire Brad. Jill and Jack agree that Brad should be eliminated, but Ashley, John and Nikki believe they should form a united front against Victor.Victor visits Ashley and assures her that he will not sue Jabot if they succeed in getting rid of Brad. When he offers to put it in writing, Ashley explains to Victor that she wants to honor her agreement with Brad. She knows they have 24 hours to make the decision.Phyllis admits there is a clip on the web site that reveals a conversation between Mac and Billy. Mac is upset with Phyllis and asks that she be involved in the next edit session to ensure she is absent from all footage.Brittany, still upset over the ""mystery girl"" seen with Billy on the web site, treats Billy coldly and leaves. J.T. tells Brittany that he doesn‘t have any proof that Billy is interested in someone else, but he knows that Billy doesn‘t give her the attention she deserves. He offe