Ep. #6940

Season 28, Episode 95 -  Air Date: 8/4/2000
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Michael arrives to meet with Victor and John Silva. He informs them that Brad does not have a seat on the board at Jabot and is only working on their mens‘ line and a new line for women over forty. Victor notes that Michael was quick to minimize the need for documentation and senses there is more to Brad‘s story. Brad explains to Jack that Michael Baldwin is meeting with Victor to explain that Brad is not violating his contract with Newman Enterprises, but Jack thinks Brad is afraid to fight his own battles.Nikki asks Ashley if there is any news about Brad and Ashley tells her that she hasn‘t heard anything yet. As they discuss what would happen if Victor went after Jabot, Ashley receives a letter sent from Newman Enterprises. Ashley calls Jack and Brad and tells them that something has happened and to get to the boardroom immediately.Phyllis uploads the first day of web site clips onto the web site. Brittany agrees to do a live chat. When Brittany is alarmed when she is asked about