Ep. #6939

Season 28, Episode 94 -  Air Date: 8/3/2000
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Jack claims that he can help Billy if he lets him know what‘s going on with Jill and Mac. Billy tells him that it‘s too complicated. Mac sees Billy and Brittany kissing and she becomes jealous. Billy asks Mac why she‘s avoiding him and she admits that she doesn‘t know how to handle seeing Billy and Brittany together.Neil brings Olivia home from the hospital and Nate is surprised. Neil and Dru talk privately and Neil is worried that Lily may have too many expectations, but they both agree to explain to her that their living together doesn‘t mean that there is any romance happening.Nick asks Sharon if she is still traumatized by her rape by Matt Clark. Sharon tells Nick that time has helped to heal her wounds. After Nick leaves, Cody introduces Sharon to Carter (Matt) and when she walks away from him, she begins to shiver.Chris watches Phyllis and Michael together at Gina‘s. After Phyllis leaves, Michael assures Chris that Phyllis has a career and is no longer a troublemaker.Kay expl