Ep. #6938

Season 28, Episode 93 -  Air Date: 8/2/2000
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Kay shoves Jill into a table, warning her to leave Mac alone. Jill accuses Kay of intercepting the letter that came for her. Jill leaves and Kay knows she must act now in order to keep Mac from Jill‘s wrath. Jill calls the post office to find out who signed for the letter she never received.Olivia tells Ashley that if Neil wants to take their relationship to another level, he‘s going to have to make the first move. Neil picks Olivia up from the hospital.Mamie wonders what Dru has to speak to Neil about that is so urgent.Paul becomes upset after Chris informs him that she told Michael Baldwin of her plans to start a family. Phyllis and Michael make amends, both agreeing to put the past behind them. Chris spots them together.Victoria tells Sharon and Nick that she will be seeking therapy to help deal with her experience with Gary.Nick asks Sharon if she‘s interested in talking to someone about Matt Clark and the rape.