Ep. #6937

Season 28, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 8/1/2000
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Mac and Billy have a picnic in the Abbott hideaway. They resolve that no matter what, they will not hide their feelings from one another. Phyllis wants to give the web site project some personality by revealing the lives of the teens on-screen. Jack agrees to a certain point, but tells Phyllis that he‘s counting on her not to make the campaign into a melodrama. Phyllis asks Jack out for a drink, but he declines.Dru and Malcolm are snuggling on the couch after making love when Neil calls. He asks Dru when she‘s coming down to the apartment and she tells him she‘s on her way. When she arrives to Neil‘s, he notes that she‘s acting odd. She kisses Lily goodnight and tells Neil that she‘s fine.Ryan brings Victoria home and Diane leaves to give them some privacy. As Victoria escorts Ryan out, she finds Diane eavesdropping at the door. She accuses her of spying and leaves to find Victor. She misses Victor at Gina‘s and instead talks to Nikki. They both agree that Diane is using the baby to