Ep. #6936

Season 28, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 7/31/2000
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Billy goes to Jack in confidence and asks him if Jill has any skeletons in her closet. Jack asks if Billy is trying to blackmail Jill so that he and Mac can be together, but Billy doesn‘t answer. He only tells Jack that if he knew what Jill was doing to keep them apart, he would be shocked. Jack tells Billy that he wants to help him, but he needs more information. When Billy tells Mac that Jack cannot help them unless they give him more information about Jill, Mac thinks that they should stop seeing each other. She feels guilty that they have to lie to Brittany and Raul.Kay reminds Jill that Billy is the product of an afternoon rendezvous with the mailman. She demands Jill acknowledge Mac as her granddaughter. Jill tells Kay that she‘s being conned by an opportunist. She calls her private detective and he asks her if she‘s received his letter in the mail. Jill doesn‘t know what he‘s talking about and wonders what could‘ve happened to the letter.Malcolm asks Dru if she can ever get ov