Ep. #6935

Season 28, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 7/28/2000
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Ashley informs Nikki that Victor has filed suit against Brad for violating the non-compete clause in his contract. Nikki wonders if Victor will sue Jabot as well and wonders what Victor is holding back.Victoria tells Ryan that Victor approved the budget for Brash and Sassy and Jill overheard everything.Raul shows up at the Chancellor Estate and asks Billy if he can speak to him alone. He tells Billy that Mac broke up with him. He needs Billy to talk to Mac for him and convince her not to dump him. Billy tells Raul that Mac obviously has her mind made up. Raul tells Billy that he will continue working on the website project because he can‘t bear the thought of not seeing Mac the entire summer.Phyllis begins the meeting and asks Brittany, Rianna, and Mac to tell her about themselves. Mac reveals to everyone that she and Raul are no longer together. Raul and Billy enter and Phyllis gives them details on the production process. After the meeting, Brittany wants to spend time with Billy,