Ep. #6933

Season 28, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 7/26/2000
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John Silva tells Victor that Brad‘s papers have been served. Victor is pleased and knows that Jack will move heaven and earth to get rid of Brad and save Jabot from a lawsuit.Brad is upset after finding that Victor is suing for retroactive damages. Ashley advises Brad to contact Victor and his lawyers.Ryan tells Victoria that she needs to stop focusing on Victor and Diane and instead work on a plan to get Brash and Sassy back on top. Victor comes in and asks Victoria if she has a plan of action for the new Brash and Sassy campaign. When Victoria struggles to come up with an idea, Ryan comes to her rescue.Victor leaves and Ryan explains to her that Victor asked him to help focus her attention to the Brash & Sassy line so that it will be competetive with Glow.Nick meets Matt Clark and asks him why Warton would pick a fight with him. Matt explains that he was having a friendly conversation with Warton until he mentioned that he was looking for work at Newman Enterprises. Nick tells Ma