Ep. #6932

Season 28, Episode 87 -  Air Date: 7/25/2000
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In a meeting with John Silva and Neil, Victor explains that he wants to take Brad to court. John and Neil both want to know why Victor wants to act so drastically, but Victor only tells them Brad must be dealt with immediately.Brad tells Jack and Ashley that since Victor hasn‘t tried to sue by now, he probably won‘t. Jack and Ashley both disagree and insist Brad stay in the background of company business for now. Brad asks Ashley if she has any idea of what Victor plans to do regarding his contract.As Phyllis observes the pool house, she notices someone is missing. Jill is shocked that Raul is not around, and tells Mac to go find her boyfriend. Billy offers to give her a ride and explains to Brittany that he will serve as a buffer between Mac and Raul, considering their argument the other night.Mac and Billy go to the coffeehouse in search of Raul, but have no luck finding him. Mac knows Raul is avoiding her and feels guilty for breaking up with him. Billy tells Mac that he will put