Ep. #6929

Season 28, Episode 84 -  Air Date: 7/20/2000
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Victor takes Diane to the hospital. The doctor tells Diane that everything is fine, but she must avoid stress. Victor tells Diane to get some rest and leaves. When Victoria arrives at Victor‘s apartment, she finds no one home.Neil shows up to drop off some papers for Victor and Victoria asks him about Ashley‘s relationship with her father. Neil tells her that whatever Victor and Ashley shared is over.Victoria assumes Victor will go after Brad and then take on Jabot. Jack approaches Phyllis at Gina‘s and tells her that he‘s reconsidered hiring her to produce the web site. Phyllis tells him that he can take the job and shove it.Mac tells Raul that she would feel more comfortable if they remain friends. Brittany and Rianna agree that Billy has been acting strange.J.T. speculates that Billy has a crush on Mac, but Brittany knows that can‘t be true. Mac tells Billy that she broke up with Raul and Billy considers breaking up with Brittany as well. Mac tells him it‘s not a good idea becau