Ep. #6928

Season 28, Episode 83 -  Air Date: 7/19/2000
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Michael orders Phyllis out of his office. She can‘t believe he and Christine are partners and insists that he conned Chris into it. Michael tells Phyllis that he wants nothing to do with her.Mamie thinks it is a good idea for Dru to stay at Neil‘s apartment while Olivia recovers. She thinks it will benefit Lily to be close to her father.Neil asks Malcolm to talk to Dru about moving back into his place so he can be close to Lily, but Malcolm tells him to talk to Dru himself. Dru interrupts the conversation and wants to know what‘s going on. Neil asks her to dinner and she refuses. He leaves and Malcolm tells her that he can‘t get her off his mind. They leave together for a night on the town.Diane fumes because she can‘t get close to Victor. She assures Victor that she will do everything in her power to befriend Victoria, but is frustrated with her nonetheless. Victor tells Diane that if she is unhappy, they both know what the solution is. Victor goes upstairs and Diane has stomach cr