Ep. #6927

Season 28, Episode 82 -  Air Date: 7/18/2000
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As Victor watches Brad and Ashley, Victoria confronts him. She asks Victor why he didn‘t sue Jabot. Victor keeps his eyes on Brad and Ashley and Victoria realizes that he isn‘t suing because of Ashley. She asks Victor if he and Ashley are in a relationship. Victor is vague, but tells her there is no relationship now.Brad asks Ashley who her baby‘s father is. Ashley explains her relationship with Christian and Brad tells her that it‘s out of character for her to get pregnant the way she did. Brad wonders why she hasn‘t looked into the father‘s medical history.After Chris undergoes some tests, the doctor suggests that she try an ovulation predictor. Paul and Chris go home and Chris takes a home test, which reveals that that the time is right.Warton looks at a picture of Matt Clark before his plastic surgery and tells Matt that no one will ever recognize him. Warton and Matt make a scene in the coffeehouse so that people won‘t think they are connected.Sharon tells Nick that seeing War