Ep. #6926

Season 28, Episode 81 -  Air Date: 7/17/2000
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Victor instructs John Silva to take legal action against Brad, but to leave Jabot alone for the moment.Chris and Paul go to the fertility doctor. When Paul‘s sperm is tested and found to be fine, Chris wonders if she is the problem.Billy apologizes to Raul for taunting him. Brittany is worried that stress is getting the best of Billy and they leave the pool house together to get lunch. Raul fears he‘s destroyed his relationship with Mac, but she tells him to forget about it. Jack is surprised that Phyllis is the producer in question for the web site project. She tries to convince Jack that he can trust her.Brad goes to see Ashley at Gina‘s. She lets him feel the baby kick, as a concealed Victor watches in the background.Cassie explains to Sharon and Nick that Warton helped her find her lost doll. Sharon tells her that Warton is not her friend and to stay away from him.Matt introduces himself to Warton, who warns him to stay away from the coffeehouse before someone notices him. Mat