Ep. #6924

Season 28, Episode 79 -  Air Date: 7/13/2000
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Ashley and Jack confirm that the Glow By Jabot House is on, whether Jill agrees or not. Jack tells Raul, Billy and Brittany that the web site is up and running. Raul is happy that Mac will be spending so much time with him this summer, but when he begins kissing her, Mac tells him to stop. Jill is reluctant to give Jack the okay to begin production on the Glow by Jabot House project until he has a producer in place.Phyllis‘ agent tells her that Jack Abbott is pressuring her to sign on to his project. She tells him that working with Jack Abbott could be fascinating.Neil tells Dru that Olivia‘s temperature is normalizing and it looks like her white blood cells are kicking in. Dru, Malcolm and Neil are thrilled that Olivia is taking in Dru‘s bone marrow. Malcolm takes Dru home and makes her breakfast. They are both excited that the worst is over and after Malcolm swings Dru around, they kiss passionately.Nina advises Chris not to have a baby just because Paul wants one now. Chris tells