Ep. #6923

Season 28, Episode 78 -  Air Date: 7/12/2000
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Brad explains to Victoria how upset Nikki is, but Victoria tells Brad to mind his own business and asks where her mother is. Brad tells her that she is in Europe to get some distance from her. Brad apologizes to Ashley for getting upset over her relationship with Victor. When Ashley asks Brad to be her Lamaze partner, Brad gladly agrees.Victor leaves a message for John Silva to call him regarding Brad Carlton. Victoria tells Victor that Brad is now working at Jabot. Victor already knows and is contemplating a lawsuit against him under the non-compete clause. Victoria doesn‘t understand why Victor hasn‘t sued already. Victor tells John he wants to get even with Brad.After Raul quits, Jill wants to put an end to the entire ad campaign. Jack assumes Mac is afraid of being in front of the camera. Jack suggests they hire Mac as the production assistant in order to get Raul to return to the project. Mac tells Kay that she dropped out of the web site project. Kay assumes it‘s because of Bil