Ep. #6922

Season 28, Episode 77 -  Air Date: 7/11/2000
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Olivia talks with Nathan and he encourages her to find peace with herself. She admits that she‘s tired of fighting. Neil and Dru react in horror when Olivia‘s heart monitor flat-lines. Brittany and Raul arrive for the photo shoot.Mac tells Jack that she‘s changed her mind about being involved in the photo shoot after all. Jack suggests they call Rianna to take her place. Brittany is glad Mac finally realized she isn‘t star material.Brad tells Nikki that he‘s going to Switzerland. Nikki suggests she travel with him, but Brad doesn‘t think it would be good for their business relationship. He suggests she handle the business trip on her own. Nikki tells Brad that she thinks Victoria moved in with Victor to get back at her. After Nikki leaves, Victoria arrives looking for Nikki.As Sharon and Nick prepare to go to the Crimson Lights ribbon cutting ceremony, Nikki calls to tell them she is leaving town for business. Nick tells her that Victoria has been looking for her, but Nikki decides