Ep. #6921

Season 28, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 7/24/2000
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Victor challenges Ryan to get Victoria focused on her work instead of his personal life. Ryan tells him that he can‘t force Victoria to do anything. Victoria thinks Diane‘s baby is the product of a one night stand. She accuses her of flaunting her pregnancy in front of Victor in order to gain charity and compassion.Jill asks Mac why she is with Billy at the Abbott house just as Jack and Phyllis arrive. Jack covers for Mac, telling Jill that he invited everyone participating in the web site project to come by and meet Phyllis, the new producer. Phyllis and Jill butt heads immediately, but Jack is certain Phyllis will keep Jill in line. Mac suggests that Billy consult Jack on how to handle Jill. Rianna and Brittany arrive, and Brittany watches as Billy gazes at Mac.Malcolm and Dru discuss the night they slept together. Malcolm stresses that he didn‘t know she was drugged and tells her he would never take advantage of her. Dru tells him she‘s not ready to pursue a relationship with him