Ep. #6921

Season 28, Episode 76 -  Air Date: 7/10/2000
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Victor gets a surprise visit from Governor Jesse Ventura. He says that he is in Genoa City for business and decided to stop by to see an old friend. Governor Ventura suggests they run together in the 2004 election under the ticket V & V.After Jesse leaves, Nikki bashes Victor for taking Victoria out of her home and moving her in with Diane. Victor tells her that Victoria made the decision on her own.Mac calls Billy and they make plans to meet at their secret hide-out. Before Mac can leave, Jill compliments Mac for backing out on Billy and the Jabot commercial. Kay enters and senses tension between Mac and Jill. Later, Mac meets Billy at the hideaway.Frank brings the final cut of the commercial, but points out that there is a mirror reflection of Mac that hasn‘t been edited out. Jill doesn‘t want to prolong production any longer because of Mac and tells Frank not to worry about it.Victoria and Ryan go over ideas for the Brash and Sassy campaign. Victoria thinks it may be a good idea