Ep. #6920

Season 28, Episode 75 -  Air Date: 7/7/2000
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Nikki begs Victoria to try and work out their differences. Diane intervenes, but Nikki tells her to stay out of it. Victoria asks Diane if she‘s noticed that she‘s been stabbed in the back and tells her mother she has nothing to say to her. Nikki accuses Diane of using Victoria to get on good terms with Victor.Malcolm and Dru almost kiss, but the kids barge in and disrupt the moment. After they send the kids off to camp, Malcolm admits he‘s a little thrown by the interrupted kiss.Olivia tells Neil that she‘s feeling much better and attributes it to Neil‘s presence. As Neil updates Olivia on how well Nate is coping, Olivia begins to get thirsty and flushed. Neil calls the nurse and they discover that Olivia‘s temperature is rising rapidly. Dr. Walker concludes that Liv may have an infection. Neil calls Malcolm and Dru and they rush to the hospital.Paul finds Chris reading the infertility brochure. He explains that this was his mother‘s idea, but he is excited that there is a way f