Ep. #6919

Season 28, Episode 74 -  Air Date: 7/6/2000
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Diane offers to make peace with Victoria, but Victoria isn‘t buying it. She assures Diane that she doesn‘t want Diane living with Victor any more than Diane wants her there.Nikki sees Miguel carrying bags out of the house. He tells her that Victoria has moved in with Victor. Nikki is determined to get through to Victoria and goes to Victor‘s apartment to talk to her. When she arrives, Diane answers the door. Nikki assumes Diane and Victoria are allies when Victoria comes to the door, stands beside Diane and refuses to let Nikki in.In an effort to change Dru‘s mood, Malcolm calls her old ballet teacher. Madame Lore surprises Dru with a visit. Dru dances and admits dancing is therapeutic for her. Madame Lore convinces Dru to drop by the studio tomorrow.Chris and Paul are reluctant to approach each other with their ideas on having another baby. As Chris prepares for work, she is stunned to find Paul‘s infertility information.Nina tells Ryan how much Phillip enjoyed spending the holida