Ep. #6917

Season 28, Episode 72 -  Air Date: 7/4/2000
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Nina calls Chris to make plans for their annual 4th of July celebration, but Chris tells Nina that she and Paul want to spend the holiday alone.Mary calls Chris and Paul to invite them to her house for a 4th of July barbeque and Paul reluctantly accepts the invitation. Chris invites Nina and Tomas to join them.Nick, Sharon, and the kids stop by the ranch to get Nikki out of the house for the holiday. They can‘t persuade her to join them, so they head off to the coffeehouse to pack their picnic basket.As Nick and Sharon gather food, Trina comes by and tells Nick there is a problem with the opening of the Milwaukee store. She tells Nick and Sharon that the musical group they scheduled to play for the opening canceled, so they have to find a replacement. Trina suggests another band and offers a demo tape. After listening to the tape, Nick is pleased with Trina‘s selection and tells her to book them.John and Gina spend the holiday together and talk of taking a trip to London to spend t