Ep. #6916

Season 28, Episode 71 -  Air Date: 7/3/2000
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Mac admits to Billy that she is afraid of Jill. She also tells him that she has to leave because her mother has legal custody of her. If Mac is found, she will have to return to her mother and step-father, who terrifies her. At first, Billy has a plan to reveal Jill‘s threats against Mac, but after he sees Mac‘s fear, they decide to keep their romance a secret until they figure out how to handle Jill.Jack and Ashley watch a rough cut of the prom commercial. After seeing Mac and Billy together on tape, it becomes clear to Ashley that Billy and Mac have a connection. She tells Jack that once the commercial airs next week, everyone will know they‘re in love.Nick tells Victoria that he is standing by his mother and that she can forget about them working together to get Brash and Sassy back on track. When Victoria tells Victor that she can‘t stand to live at the ranch anymore, Victor permits her to move in with him temporarily.Tomas offers to help Nina write a new ending to her book, but